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5 in 1 Electric Cleaning Brush

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Dirty bathroom?   Mud-caked carpets? Filthy car windows? Clean them all using the 5 in 1 Electric Cleaning Brush. This power scrubber features 3 interchangeable brush heads to effectively clean and wipe away dirt and grimes in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and garage. It even comes with a water absorbent towel so you can wipe dry surfaces you have already cleaned up.

Features and benefits:

  • With 3 brush heads. This 5 in 1 Electric Cleaning Brush is equipped with 3 easily detachable brush heads you can use to perform various cleaning tasks and easily rinse for a fast cleanup. The soft sponge brush head is suitable for cleaning sinks, the Polyester Sherpa brush is suitable for cleaning sofas, carpets, mirrors, car windows, and the hard Nylon Brush is suitable for cleaning kitchen tops, tubs, sinks, and tiles.
  • Automatic power scrubber. It’s a cordless, noiseless, and electric power scrubber powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). It works quickly, quietly, and efficiently to cut your cleaning time in half, giving you more time to do other things you had in mind.
  • Convenient for daily cleaning. It’s lightweight and features a long handle that ensures a secure, comfortable grip. The handheld design and cordless operation make it easy to maneuver even into tight corners, making it a handy tool for daily cleaning.
  • Includes a PVA towel. The 5 in 1 Electric Cleaning Brush includes a  water-absorbent PVA towel so you can wipe dry objects and surfaces you have cleaned up.


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Product Specification:
Package includes:
1 x Electric Brush
1 x Soft Sponge Brush
1 x Polyester Sherpa Brush
1 x Hard Nylon Brush
1 X PVA Towel
Material: PP Plastic + Electric Component + Nylon + Sponge + Polyester + PVA
Size: 17 x 22.5 x 17 x 7.5 cm / 8.9 x 6.7 x 3 inches
Weight 400 g
Color: White
Powered by: 4 x AA battery (not included)


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