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Personal Foot Massager & Scrub

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Did you know feet should actually get as much care as faces? They take a lot of beating during the day, so like any part our bodies they deserve a little pampering so they can keep on serving you. The Personal Foot Massager & Scrub is a compact, all-around shower buddy that exfoliates and massages your overworked feet in one go! This is the best way to ensure your feet stay healthy and fit for the long haul.

Features and benefits:

  • Fresh feet! The scrubbing surface sloughs and buffs away dead skin cells in order to ward off feet infections and dry, cracked dullness. Doing this reveals a newer, fresher layer of skin, letting your feet glow and become smoother. What's more, it buffs away all manner of bacteria for better foot health! The fine bristles on the Personal Foot Massager & Scrub also serve as a mini massager that encourages blood circulation
  • Anti-slip. The suction cups at the bottom of your scrub Personal Foot Massager & Scrub ensure it stays in place. They're easy to lock in and pull off when you're done.
  • A great universal gift. The Personal Foot Massager & Scrub acts as a perfect surprise gift for pretty much anyone- from office workers to construction workers, from students to athletes, and everyone in between. 


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Personal Foot Massager & Scrub
    Material: Plastic
    Size: 24*19*10cm
    Color: Random

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