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Adjustable Pet Harness

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Is your dog a puller? One who loves to pull on the leash? Then a simple dog collar is dangerous for him. It can cause accidental choking or worst, neck injury. It’s time to switch to the Adjustable Pet Harness. It’s a safe dog collar alternative that will make walking your dog convenient and a joy.

Features and benefits:

  • A safer alternative to dog collars. Using the Adjustable Pet Harness will take the strain off of your dog’s neck and distribute it on his upper body. The straps of the harness rest along your dog’s chest and belly, not the delicate throat area – which means no more gagging or choking when your pet tries to pull on the leash.
  • Easy to use. To use, just wrap it around his back, secure the buckles under his chest and tummy, and clip the leash at the D-ring located at the top of the harness. And that’s it. The aluminum D-ring is reinforced with webbing, providing a safe and durable connection.
  • Perfect fit. Crafted from a soft cotton and canvass material, it’s breathable and lightweight. It won’t hurt your dog’s skin or fur and is comfortable to wear during extended walks, runs, and hikes. The four points of adjustment ensure the perfect fit and keep your pooch securely harnessed.
  • Gives you greater control over your pet. Not only does it keeps the strain off your furry friend’s neck and prevents injury, but it also gives you greater control over your dog. You can easily stop him from chasing cars or people while on walks, being rowdy during visits to the vet, or running off during a  stroll in the park without choking or gagging him.  
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors. This dog harness comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large, and 6 colors: camouflage, black, red,  blue, leopard, and pink. It’s perfect for dogs of all breeds and sizes and makes a great gift for fellow pet parents.
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Product Specifications:
Package includes: (1) Adjustable Pet Harness
Material: Canvass + Cotton
Size: (Chest + Belly)
S ~ 40 – 48 cm/ 15.74 - 18.89 inches, 45 – 51 cm / 17.71 - 20.07 inches
M ~ 45 – 54 cm/ 17.71 - 21.25 inches, 52 – 60 cm/ 20.47 - 23.62 inches
L ~ 54 – 67 cm/ 21.25 - 26.37 inches, 63 – 77 cm/ 24.80 - 30.31 inches
XL ~ 60 – 70 cm/ 23.61 - 27.55 inches, 72 – 91 cm/ 28.34 - 35.82 inches
Colors: Camouflage, Black, Red, Blue, Leopard, Pink

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