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Theft Protection Roller Stamp

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To protect your personal information.....Get yours......

Theft Protection Roller Stamp designed with a special pattern to hide confidential information printed beneath. You can protect your personal details on letters, bank statements, credit card bills etc with our Theft Protection Roller Stamp.

It is ideal for use on junk mail, credit card offers, and billsThis identity theft protection stamp eliminates the need for a noisy and expensive shredder.

No paper shredder? This is the next best budget alternative then!

We all have a lot of private documents that we would not want people to get their hands on. The common method is to shred them or fill them up with markers. Having a shredder is just too expensive and noisy at the same time, why not invest in our Confidential Roller Stamp instead?

Product feature about the Confidential Roller Stamp:

  • Recyclable – Permanently cover all confidential information while still being able to reuse or recycle the papers.
  • Special Encryption – Uses oil-based ink to penetrate non-glossy papers so personal information cannot be seen at the front or even the back.
  • Retractable Roller – Small & easy to store, plus it leaves no messy ink behind.
  • Cost Saving – Save yourself from all high expense needed from buying a shredder!
  • 40 Meter of Ink! – As much ink as you can protect your files! We also have replaceable ink cartridge (sold separately)


    • 1 x Theft Protection Roller Stamp
    Type: Self-Inking Stamp
    Material: Rubber and Plastic

    Color : Yellow, Green, Rose , Blue
    Type : 15mm , 26mm


    NOTE: Please give 15 – 25 working days for shipping
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