1-Inch Pants Button Fixer

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Fix all your pants that you can't wear anymore with this!

Do you still have your favorite pants in your closet but you can’t wear it anymore because the waist area is too tight or loose? Don’t throw them away, give it an upgrade with our 1-Inch Pants Button Fix & start wearing them back with confidence!

Product feature about the 1-Inch Pants Button Fixer:

  • Works Both Ways – The button can expand or restrict based on how you want!
  • No Sewing Required – Just pin the button directly on your pants, hassle-free!
  • Reusable – Just unpin the button when you do not need it any longer.
  • 8 Buttons – Each purchase will give you a total of 8x of our button fixer.


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Package includes     : 8 x 1-Inch Pants Button Fixer
Color                         : Black, Brown, Khaki and Silver
Material                     : Plastic or Metal
Dimension                 : 1.7cm x 1.7cm x1.7cm
Weight                       : 86 grams