Fantastic Hose Pump

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Transferring oil/gas/water around has never been this easy!

Many people have the misconception that having a siphoning tool or skills will generalize you as a petty gas thief. This product is not meant for stealing (Stuff Nice do not endorse felony) but rather as a survival kit when your car is out of gas in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization while the next gas station is within miles away. The primary purpose of this product may be used to transfer gas in or out of your car but it can be used for other beneficial purpose as well. The siphon comes with a handpump for manual transfer if the pressure becomes low & is equipped with an air valve at the top of the pump to stop the flow liquid anytime.

Here is the list of usage we recommend you to use the Siphon Hose Pump:

  • Empty gas out of lawn mower & snow blower before storing them back for next season.
  • Pump water out of a clogged toilet, sinks, waterbeds & even broken wash machines.
  • Transfer kerosene from container to heater quickly & safely
  • Drain dirty water out of aquarium or pool

(Hint: Clean the product carefully if you want to siphon water but used it on fuel previously)


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Item type        : Liquid pump
Material          : Plastic and Silicone 
Color               : Red & Semi-transparent 
Dimension      : Overall length: 25"; Suction tube: 21"; Discharge tube: 18" 
Diameter        : 1.2cm / 0.47”