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3-in-1 Sealant Scraper

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Replacing old silicone is usually no easy feat. It gets tough and hard after time. Thankfully, the 3-in-1 Sealant Scraper makes that task effortless. No caulk, dray, stone hard and aged, can put up a fight against this scraper. It is mess-free and designed to give you an easy time against aged silicon.

Clean up concave and convex objects
Remove silica gel and Use sharp side to clear vertical corner

Features and benefits:

  • Smart design. Your set features a stainless steel angled end that smoothly chips away at old caulk. It also features a surface cleaning blade and a silicone nozzle cutter. The metal scraper has a double-ended design with a flexible metal blade for hard-to-reach places. The all-purpose spatula is your go-to for grouting and molding. The silicone trowel has a pointed tip for easy corner cleaning and comes with 5 interchangeable heads.
  • Easy to use. Whether you're new to removing old silicon and find it intimidating, or are tired of having to work your muscles scraping it off, this makes it easy. It cuts scraping and molding time in half. Simply use the steel end to remove caulk, and the spatula to mold and rework new silicon.
  • All-purpose. You can use your 3-in-1 Sealant Scraper in any room that needs a little attention. It's suitable for showers, windows, and corner use, whether interior or exterior. It is forged out of high-quality plastic and stainless that last. This is a smart home tool you'll be using for a long time!


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) set 3-in-1 Sealant Scraper that includes (3) pcs
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: Plastic, silicone, stainless steel
    Color: Black & silver & white

  • Metal scraper: 195*35mm/7.68*1.38 inch
  • Plastic scraper: 190*32mm/7.48*1.26 inch
  • Silicone trowel: 170*40mm/6.69*1.57 inch