360° Pet Shower Ring

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An all-around shower ring that gets your furkids completely clean!

If you are a dog or cat owner, you know that it’s never easy to bath your furkids or even get them completely cleaned from head to paw especially if you use a garden hose to bath them. The best solution for a fast and complete cleaning solution is through our 360° Pet Shower Ring!

Product feature about the 360° Pet Shower Ring:

  • 360° Cleaning – A ring that rinse & showers 360° without missing any spot, even hard to reach areas.

  • 1 Minute – Get your pets cleaned within a minute or even less.

  • Adjustable Size – The ring works for safely and easily washing and rinsing dogs of all sizes.

  • Compatible – Just attach our product to any garden hose and get started.

  • Shampoo Dispenser – You can add any dog shampoo of your choice to the dispenser.


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Package includes     : 1x 360° Pet Shower Ring
Color                          : Blue + Gray
Material                      : ABS Plastic
Dimension                  : 13.38” x 13.38” x 1.2”
Weight                        : 288 grams / 15.2 ounces