4Pcs Silicone Food Guardian

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Guarding all your fruits, vegetables & meals fresh till the last bite!

We all love our fruits & vegetables but what happens when you can’t finish all of them at one go? Do you put them in plastic bag or chuck them into the fridge, only to be eaten again the next day? Of course not, doing so will bruise the fruits/vegetables and nutrient’s lifespan will be shortened by a lot. The Silicone Food Guardian is what you should get in order to grab hold onto all of your unfinished meal rather than using wasteful plastic wrap.

What are the benefits of using the Silicone Food Guardian?

  • Product is made of 100% food-grade silicone which is durable, dust-proof non-toxic & eco-friendly. The 4 pieces are made with different sizes to fit different food.

  • The Silicone Food Guardian if flexible to FIT PERFECTLY onto most fruits that is already cut by half. This includes onion, lemon, tomatoes and even cucumbers!

  • Food Guardian EVEN WORKS on cans or jars that has been opened, just pick the right size and it will slide right in perfectly.

  • Product is easy to clean, soft, reusable and non-stick. Guarantees to improve your food’s freshness with longer lifespan even under warm temperature!


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Package includes     : 4x Silicone Food Guardian
Material                     : 100% food grade silicone, non-toxic, non-stick, eco-friendly
Dimension                 : S-7cm, M-8x1.8bm L-9.5x2cm XL-11x2.5cm
Weight                       : Around 80 grams