5Pcs Car Scratch Remover Pen

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Why pay hundreds of dollars to repaint when you can fix it yourself!

Do you have any of those scratches marks on your beloved car? We all have these problems due to unforeseen our carelessness or even our own family member’s mistakes. Mistakes or not, scratch marks on car is hideous and no longer do you have to endure such imperfection without breaking your wallet thanks to the almighty Car Scratch Remover Pen! All you need to do is to run the pen across the scratch mark & let them dry, it’s that easy to make your car look as good as new once more!

What is the secret behind the Car Scratch Remover Pen?

  • Product’s formula uses millions of microscopic polishing agents to cover your paint back into scratch marks, restoring your car’s paint back to the way it was.

  • The pen works for any types of cars or colors. A lot of car detailing store uses this product to make scratches gone like a pro!

  • The magic happens within 1-48 hours when you let the application dry under sunlight. (Deep scratches may require repeated application to fix).

  • Product is also non-toxic, odorless & water proof as well!


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Package includes   : 5x Car Scratch Remover Pen
Pen Color                : Yellow
Dimension               : 143mm x 15mm
Weight                     : 14 gram per piece