Ankle Skip Ball

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Play and exercise at the same time with the Ankle Skip Ball. This toy features a cord with an ankle ring at one end and a ball at the other. You and your kids will have tremendous fun seeing how many times you can lift your foot over the spinning cord and will also be getting valuable exercise in the process. Perfect for use in the house, playground, sports hall, or street, it’s a great game for kids and adults who fancy a laugh!

Features and benefits:

  • Made of safe ABS plastic. Lightweight and swings easily without hurting ankles on impact. Durable but gentle on legs for added safety.
  • Great indoor and outdoor jumping exercise.  It serves as a safe alternative to large jump ropes which can easily strike or harm young children. A fun exercise that challenges kids and adult to all three core design goals: agility, balance, and coordination.
  • Easy to use. This skip ball is looped around one foot while the other foot hops over the ball attached to the cord. Swing your leg to get the toy moving and jump over the ball and cord.
  • Fun cardio game for all ages. It offers a fun cardio exercise for kids and adults that can be played alone or competitively in a group. It helps develop coordination and motor functions while burning excess energy.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Ankle Skip Ball
Material: ABS Plastic
Ball diameter: 11.5 cm/ 4.52 inches
Ring Diameter: 18.5 cm/ 7.28 inches
Cord length: 70 cm/ 27.55 inches
Color: Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange