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Baby Bib with Pacifier Clip

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Tired of having to hunt down your baby's pacifier when they drop it? And then having to clean it and sterilize it right after? Never deal with that problem again with the Baby Bib with Pacifier Clip

Features and benefits:

  • Pacifier clip. It keeps your baby's pacifier right where it should be: close to your baby and away from harmful contaminants. It also prevents your baby from losing it when something else catches their attention.
  • Easy to use. Simply loop the clip around the ring of your baby's pacifier and clip it close and secure.  When you need to clean the pacifier, simply unclip.
  • Stylish. Available in a wide variety of colorful, vibrant designs. You're sure to find something that fits your baby's unique personality! Designed for your baby's comfort, each one is crafted out of 


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Double-layered Heart Cup
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: Polyester, Cotton