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This novelty item will definitely make you go bananas!

A funny looking product but practical at the same time, the Fancy Banana Umbrella surely is something that will catch everyone’s attention from miles away. Inspired by banana enthusiast (duh), we came up with this innovative yet creative design that will make everyone go ape over it. Made with thick protective plastic sheath, we can ensure your banana umbrella will never bruise from external damages or even split randomly. All jokes aside, our product is always there for you regardless if the weather rains or shines. A must have for gag gifts for yourself & friends!

The Fancy Banana features:

  • Stainless yellow paint design made with durable glass fibre to ensure ever-lasting usage.
  • Comes with UV shield to protect from harmful rays
  • Wind resistant on the umbrella ribs to prevent umbrella from folding upside down.
  • Water-proof for fast drying result.
  • Compact, lightweight & easy to carry around. Just put it in your backpack or bag and you are good to go

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Package Includes : 1x Fancy Banana Umbrella
Material                  : Fast-drying umbrella fabric & Stainless steel umbrella ribs
Color                      : Yellow
Folding Size           : 28 x 5 x 5cm (88cm when opened)