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Bath Grooming Glove

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Do your pets hate grooming/bathing time? Make cleaning time a fun time for them by using a Bath Grooming Glove. This glove features soft tiny rubber bristles designed to gently clean and take hairs off easily. It also gives a soothing massage to calm your furry friend, so bathing and deshedding become enjoying experiences rather than scary ones.


Features and benefits:

Cleans/desheds without hurting. The glove features soft tiny bristles made out of high-quality TPR rubber that can clean and deshed without tugging or scratching your pet’s skin. It also offers a calming massage, making your furry friend actually enjoy the process instead of running away.




Acts as lint remover too. The other side of this glove is made of electrostatic fabric that can be used to delint your clothing or furniture and keep furs at bay.

Adjustable wrist strap. The Velcro strap closure can be adjusted so that the glove fits your hand and wrist perfectly. The glove can be worn on your left or right hand.


Bite & scratch-resistant. Made of tough durable fabric, this glove allows you to handle, bathe, and deshed your pets while keeping your hands protected from accidental scratch and bites.


Washable and reusable. This glove can be easily cleaned by hand washing with soapy water. Durable and built to last, you can use it for many years to come.

Great gift. The Bath Grooming Glove is the perfect gift for fellow pet owners who have dogs or cats who also dread grooming/bathing time.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Bath Grooming Glove
Material: 3D Gridding Fabric + Electrostatic Precipitation Fabric +TPR
Size: 26 x 16 cm/ 10.23 x 6.30 inches
Weight: 150 g
Color: Red + Gray