Beauty & Beast Couple Bracelet

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Bringing back the magical love of couple bracelets since 2010!

If you have heard of the red string of fate, then you will know that true love does exist. And if you are the lucky people to have found your true love, show your everlasting love to your significant other with our Beauty & Beast Couple Bracelet. Be his beauty and her beast!

Product feature about the Beauty & Beast Couple Bracelet:

  • Stainless Steel – Does not tarnish or oxidize, can last longer than other jewelries.
  • Hypoallergenic – Allergy-free material approved by experts from jewelry industries.
  • Engraving – Comes with the text “His Beauty” & “Her Beast” on respective bracelet.
  • Zircon Gemstone – Each bracelet comes with a piece of precious Zircon gemstone.
  • Lover’s Pack – Product is cheaper when bought as a pair. (Also sell individually)


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Package includes      : 1x Beauty & Beast Couple Bracelet
Color                          : Black & Rose Gold
Material                      : Stainless Steel Metal + Zircon gemstone
Length women            : 21+4 cm
Length men                 : 22+4 cm
Weight                         : Men 27g / Women 15g