Calligraphy Color Pen Brush Set

20 colors a set
14 colors
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Unleash the art in you with this awesome pen brush set!

If you love drawing, then this is something new that you must try for yourself. Made to mimic calligraphy brushes, the Calligraphy Color Pen Brush Set are the made of soft brushes for you to draw like paint brush. Aim for fine and soft strokes with this, an excellent stationary set for young artist like yourself!

Product feature about the Calligraphy Color Pen Brush Set:

  • 20 or 14 Color Set – Comes with amateur & professional package.

  • Flexible & Versatile – Soft real brush tip allows precision drawing/coloring.

  • Watercolor Effect – Dab the brush with little water to create watercolor effect.

  • Idea Generator – Great to be used for doodling, coloring & illustrations purposes.

(Note: Remember to cover your pen after using to keep the brush tip moist or it will be too dry to draw on the next use. If the brush tip dries up, use some water to wash it then wipe dry the brush, cover back up your pen & wait for about 10 minutes.)


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Package includes      : 14x or 20x Calligraphy Color Pen Brush Set
Color                          : Refer to gallery
Material                      : Plastic