Car Backseat Multi-Pocket Organizer

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Get professional organized storage within your backseat immediately!  

Do you have problems trying to keep or organize all your stuffs in your car without taking up any seats or even the boot? Do you have kids that likes to store snacks and drinks around your car which may attract unwanted pests if not kept properly? If you happen to face any of these issues, then our Car Backseat Multi-Pocket Organizer will probably be your next best travelling companion for your future road trips and grocery shopping adventure!

Some cool product info about the Car Backseat Multi-Pocket Organizer:

  • The storage organizer comes with 9 compartments for you to arrange your items in your car. It even has an iPad holder for your kids to enjoy at the back.

  • Product is made to fit most vehicles so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. Also comes with an adjustable straps to secure the organizer in place.

  • Made with polyester material, the organizer does not scratch your car seat, is waterproof, easy to clean, child-friendly & very much durable.

  • The pockets are wide & deep enough to stash your common items while still easily reachable for front seat passengers & children alike, enough to make it through any road trip comfortably.


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Package includes   : 1x Car Backseat Multi-Pocket Organizer
Material                   : Polyester
Color                       : Grey, Green or Red
Dimension               : 58cm x 36cm / 22.8inch x 14.2inch
Weight                     : 650 grams