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Chicken Spice Container

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This is a unique kitchen tool that keeps you from swallowing herbs and spices… but actually tasting them in your soup! Magic? Nope. It’s called Chicken Spice Container. It keeps you from eating ingredients that don’t have to chuckle in your mouth. Do you seldom forget to include a particular spice while you were cooking? This chicken lets you add a final touch to that soup! Just dip it in with the missing ingredient and it automatically joins the taste of your hearty soup! This is definitely a kitchen tool that every soup master ought to have.

Technical specs about the Chicken Spice Container:

  • Complex and Durable. Unlike most kitchen tools, this one keeps you from eating unwanted bits coming out of herbs and spices. Sure, you’ll need the spunk of these ingredients into the soup but who said you gotta eat them too? The chicken keeps it from joining those that are a joy to the mouth. Despite its make, the plastic is actually heat-resistant making it last for years. It even withstands wear and tear and is extremely durable. You can even stuff it with different herbs and spices making your soups taste heartily as ever!
  • Attractive yet Innovative. It looks too good to eat so you probably don’t eat that! However, the innovative kitchen tool is detachable so the herbs and spices can’t escape.

The spice box can also be used as a spice container. Load it with powder and you can just shake it so it sprinkles pepper and whatnots into any dish. Plug it in after cooking, it doesn’t melt on hot soup. Use it while eating, it sprinkles flavor. Aint that the best chicken you’ve ever seen?

Warning: Please do not use it while cooking the soup. Simply stick it in when the heat is already put out.

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Product includes          : 1x piece

Package Weight          : 0.04 kg (0.09 lb.)

Package size               : 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (3.94 in x 3.94 in x 3.94 in)