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Corn Cob Easy Stripper

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Need a lot of corn but is taking all the kernels off too much work? Not with the  Corn Cob Easy Stripper! A few strokes is all it takes to take all of the good kernels off the cob. Easily strip 2 corncobs clean in just one minute!

Features and benefits:

  • Corn kernels in seconds. Peel two corn cobs in a single minute! This takes the hassle out of stripping kernels from the cob. As you run it down the cob, all kernels are stored in the built-in chamber. No electricity or batteries needed. Great for making salads, tacos, salsa, baking, and more.
  • Anti-slip grip. Designed to be safe to use, it features a convex and concave design and an anti-slip grip. Usage is safe, quick, and easy on the hands.
  • Easy to clean. Disassembling is a breeze! Simply rinse with water, remove all leftover corn kernels, and stash into your dishwasher for a good, thorough washing. Compact in size, it's easy to store in your kitchen cupboard.


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Corn Cob Easy Stripper
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Body Material: Plastic
    Body Color: random color
    Size: 11.5*7cm 
    Weight: 50g