Deluxe Scratch Off World Map (Special Edition)

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A personalized world map to record all the places you have been to.

Are you a travel junkie or happens to know anyone that happens to be a frequent traveler? If you are or knows someone that does, then the Deluxe Scratch Off World Map is an excellent product for you to keep track of all the countries & places you have already been to. Great for you to plan on your next unexplored new dream vacation, this is also an awesome way to highlight to your friends and families on places that you have already traveled to previously!

Awesome features about the Deluxe Scratch Off World Map:

  • Every location in the world map is covered with gold foil, ready for you to scratch it off if you have already been there before.

  • Product comes in a slick tube so it can be rolled and kept back when needed or even be given as a gift to your friends & families.

  • A personalized world map that is unique for you, the map is printed on a luxurious matt black paper for a premium finishing touch.

  • Product comes with small did-you-know facts that can inspire you to go there for your next adventure. Just book a flight there & scratch another one off the list!

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Package includes   : 1x Deluxe Scratch Off World Map
Color                       : Black + Gold Foil
Weight                     : 277.4g
Materials                  : Paper
Dimension                : 82.5 x 59.5 cm