DIY Fix-It Leather Patch

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Remember that hole on the sofa? It’s high time to get it fixed.

Do you have any broken leather product lying around the house that is in need of fixing? Bringing it to the professional will cost you an arm and a leg. Our DIY Fix-It Leather Patch will be your budget alternative to cover up all the damages & make it look as good as new once more!

Product feature about the DIY Fix-It Leather Patch:

  • 10 Color Options – Top 10 of the most common leather color patch you will ever need.

  • Stick-On Patches– No sewing, stitching or handy work required. Just stick & that’s it!

  • Authentic Feel – Made with safe synthetic leather to replicate original leather feel.

  • Huge Patch – 20cm x 10cm (8” x 4”), enough to fix even the largest hole/damage.


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Package includes     : 1x DIY Fix-It Leather Patch
Color                         : 10 colors (refer to gallery for the color you want)
Material                     : PU Leather
Dimension                 : 20cm x 10cm / 8” x 4”