2 Pcs Dog Tick Remover

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the best way to get rid of those ticks!

No matter how many times you clean your dogs, they may still catch ticks, especially if they love playing outdoors.  These ticks not only carry horrific disease but also cause discomfort to your pets. One good way to get rid of these nasty parasites is by using the Dog Tick Remover. This tool may look like a little toy at first glance, but it actually takes care of your dogs.

 Features and benefits:

  • Safest and easiest way to remove ticks.
  • It’s made of plastic so it won’t hurt your pets when you’re taking away the ticks
  •  Comes in two different sizes to use for small or large ticks
  • It completely removes the entire head tick without exerting the abdomen, reducing the risk of infection
  • Small and lightweight, you can carry it anywhere with you


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Dog Tick Remover
Size: Small – 0.7 x 4.7cm/ 0.27 x 1.85 inches
         Large – 2.3 x. 5.1cm/ 0.91 x 2.01 inches
Color: Lime Green
Material: Plastic