Dog Treat Training Ball

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An alternative toy to keep your doggy occupied while you are away.

Having pets is a huge responsibility but our hectic schedule does not allow us to accompany them 24/7 at all times.  The Dog Treat Training Ball is exactly what you need to get your dogs occupied with something to play with while you are busy with work!

Product feature about the Dog Treat Training Ball:

  • Puzzle Ball Treat – Put dog treats in the ball to get your pup to earn their treat by playing.

  • Squeaky Toy – Product quacks when they are shaken or rolled around, 0 battery needed.

  • Chew Toy – Get them to chew on the ball rather than your shoes or furniture instead.

  • 3 Sizes - Comes with 3 different size to accommodate small, medium or large dogs.

  • Stimulate IQ – Product is designed to teach your pet to earn their reward with a toy.


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Package includes     : 1x Dog Treat Training Ball
Color                         : Black
Material                     : Durable non-toxic nature rubber
Dimension                 : 7cm / 2.75” (S) 9cm / 3.54 (M) 11cm / 4.33 (L)
Weight                       : 65 grams (S) 125 grams (M) 165 grams (L)