Drawstring Travel Cosmetic Bag

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Keep all your entire make-up kit secured safely with this bag!

Do you travel outside your home often and always have problem trying to keep all your cosmetic, make-up kit & toiletries in one place securely? If you face such problems, then our Drawstring Travel Cosmetic Bag will be your greatest solution!

Product feature about the Drawstring Travel Cosmetic Bag:

  • Slots & Pouch – The bag comes with multiple slots for storage and a mini + pvc pouch.

  • 4 Color Choices – Pick our stylish bag based on Beige, Blue, Red, Green.

  • Adjustable drawstring – The perfect way to secure a bag full of storage.

  • Spacious – Designed to store as much thing as possible in a single bag.

  • Great for Travelling – A lightweight design that is easy to carried around.


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Package includes     : 1x Drawstring Travel Cosmetic Bag
Color                          : Beige, Blue, Red, Green
Material                      : Fabric
Dimension                  : 20cm x 24cm
Weight                        : 90 grams