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EasyFix Toilet Plunger Tape

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Got clogged toilets? Don’t grab a plunger – reach instead for this EasyFix Toilet Plunger Tape. It’s a big, yellow plastic wrap that can unclog your dirty loo in just a minute. It does the job better and the best part is, you don’t have a gross plunger to clean afterward.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use. First, wipe dry your toilet bowl’s top surface. Then place the EasyFix Toilet Plunger Tape atop the bowl and peel off the back cover. Make sure you seal the whole bowl so no air will escape. Next, flush your toilet. As the water rise, give the yellow plastic wrap a few pushes and flush again. This will send the whole mess down the drain, clearing the clog in just under a minute.
  • Hygienic and disposable. With regular stick-and-rubber toilet plungers, you sometimes get the blowback of dirty poop water spraying out of the toilet onto your pants. This plastic wrap prevents that from happening because it uses a perfect seal around the toilet. Plus, it can be discarded after use so you don’t need to clean a smelly and dirty plunger anymore.
  • Portable. Compared to ordinary plungers, this one is lightweight and foldable so you can carry and use it anywhere.  You can fix any unclogged toilets without using a plunger or calling a plumber.


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Product Specifications:
Package includes: (1) EasyFix Toilet Plunger Tape
Material: Plastic + Adhesive
Size: 40 x 47 cm/ 15.6 x 18.5 inches (L x W)
Color: Yellow

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