Easy Furniture Relocator

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Don’t bother hurting yourself from lifting heavy furniture anymore!

Moving or relocating your furniture to another place is never easy & often you will need more than 1 person to help you out. Instead, you can do it all by yourself with our Easy Furniture Relocator. Comes with a lifter & a slider, all your furniture will glide smoothly to your designated area with little effort!

Interesting features about the Easy Furniture Relocator:

  • Works On Any Surface – The sliders can be placed beneath your furniture and still work on rough texture such as carpet.

  • More Slides Than You Need – Get 8 pieces of slide to effectively move up to 2 furniture at once. Recommended to put at least 4 sliders on each furniture before moving them.

  • Superior Strength – The lifter & slides will provide you up to 10 times the strength for you to easily navigate your furniture around.

  • Tough Material – Made with carbon steel for heavy duty performance while coated with rubber tips to avoid damaging your furniture.

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Package includes       : 1x Easy Furniture Relocator
Color                           : White + Blue
Material                       : Carbon steel
Dimension                   : 61cm x18.4cm x 5.6cm
Weight                         : 1kg