Lace Collar Applique

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The easiest way to enhance a top, dress, or gown is by using a Lace Collar Applique.  It’s a dress accessory that features beautiful lace details and patterns designed to nicely complement the neckline. It adds an elegant touch to any dress, taking something simple and even a bit casual and turning it into something more formal.

Features and benefits:

  • Great accessory. It’s a great way to give a girly touch to a simple t-shirt or a layered look over a sweater. Simply place this applique on the neckline of a shirt, dress, blouse, or gown for a fashion-forward look. 
  • Embroidered. The lace is embroidered to give it stability and firmness as well as a three-dimensional quality.
  • Multipurpose. Perfect applique embellishment not only to clothing but also to accessories, dolls, bridal wedding apparel, craft projects, home furnishing, and more.
  • Available in different textures, sizes, and shapes. Choose from 16 lovely lace appliques to turn your dress into something chic, eye-catching and totally fabulous!


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Lace Collar Applique
Material: Polyester
Color: Black, White
Size: (may vary from one lace applique to another)