Fancy LED Tire Lights - 4 Pcs Set

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Nothing can be fancier than having LED lights right from your tires!

Need some new equipment to fancily modify your vehicle’s lighting system? Or even increase protection from different road users? Then you have to come to the right place because our Fancy LED Tire Lights is definitely one of those affordable DIY lighting system that you can install yourself to make everyone jealous. With safety, affordability & customizability being the main factor for this product, the Fancy LED Tire Lights are highly recommended for all bikers, driver’s & cyclist alike, perfect for friends and families as gifts as well!

What is so cool about the Fancy LED Tire Lights:

  • Product comes as 1 piece with 4 different choices of fancy lighting for you to choose from. Comes in either yellow, red, green or blue.

  • The LED Tire Lights fits perfectly on most tire valves, whether it be mountain bike, bicycle, motorcycles or even your cars. Keep all your mode of transport fancy!

  • Product is works from uses motion sensor detector. This means the light will only activate when your vehicles moves & will automatically turn off at night. A great battery saver!

  • Product is also waterproof & shockproof so you don’t have to worry from weather defects or even heavy usage.

  • Product uses ultra-bight & long-lasting LED, plus they are powered by x3 AG10 batteries (included) to work, just replace them when they run out of batteries.


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Package includes   : 4x Fancy LED Tire Lights
Material                   : Tough ABS Plastic with chrome finishing
Dimension               : 7cm x 1.7cm x 1.7cm
Color                        : Yellow, Red, Green or Blue