Freedog Umbrella

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Keep your pet happy and dry in rain, sleet or snow!

Now you can protect your pet from the harsh elements with a uniquely designed umbrella especially made for pets. Our pet umbrella keeps your pet dry and comfortable in the rain, sleet or snow.

Simply attach the built-in leash to the collar or harness, push umbrella into position to form a dome shape over your pet and begin walking. No more wet dog shaking itself in the house!

Clear umbrella body allows for full view of your pet while walking. You\'ll have the happiest and driest pooch on the block. Makes a perfect gift and will be the envy of every pet owner. Be the first to get noticed.

Freedog Umbrella

Product Features

  • The umbrella has new logo upon it, much more attractive.Built-in leash hook which is 8", 29" Diameter while opening and 26" for the handle length umbrella
  • Great design, easy to handle.
  • It fits your dog which is less than 12 lbs 19" length Puppy (yorkie/Peddy/Pomeranian/Poodle)
  • Perfect for your pets that don't like going out in the rain or snow weather


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Product Specifications 

  • Material: PE / stainless steel
  • Length (not including chain): 66cm
  • Chain Length: 25cm
  • Open Diameter: 69cm