Handheld Emergency Stain Remover

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5ml of water is all you need to remove emergency fabric stain

Imagine yourself at a fancy party & you are drinking red-wine with your friends. At the same time, someone accidentally spilled the red-wine to your clothes. Fear not, the Handheld Emergency Stain Remover is here to assist you. Works as a portable mini washing machine, just place the gadget on the stain and it will be removed almost immediately.

Product feature about the Handheld Emergency Stain Remover:

  • Cable-Free, Battery Operated – Uses only 3x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Water Saver – Needs only 5ml of water to clean your stains.
  • Vibration Cleaning Tech – 700 micro beats per minute to clean your clothes.
  • Works Best with Detergent – For immediately effect with no odor leftover.
  • No Drying Required – Just the stained area will be slightly wet, dries fast.


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Package includes      : 1x Handheld Emergency Stain Remover
Color                          : White, Yellow or Red
Material                      : Alloy
Dimension                  : 9cm x 10cm x 20cm
Weight                        : 400g
Require batteries?      : 3x AAA batteries (Not Included)