Garden Claw Gloves

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The only pair of gloves that you won’t mind getting your hands dirty.

It’s not easy to find your favorite pair of gloves to work with you. Some does not offer the protection you need while others are just not effective to be used with tools. Gone are the days that you need your gardening hand tools to assist you. Now you can do your digging, raking, planting & a lot more in a flash with the help of our gloves. Just put on the Heavy-Duty Claw Gloves & proceed to grading your garden away with ease!

Key features about the Heavy-Duty Claw Gloves:

  • Product is puncture resistant, strong enough to withstand sharp thorns while delicate enough to pick up even the smallest objects.

  • The plastic claws replace the need for you to get gardening tools for digging and raking.

  • Product is water resistant! just rinse the exterior to clean them while keeping your hands dry throughout the entire gardening process.

  • No more sore blisters or dirty nails on your hands from gardening.

(Note: Package comes with a pair of gloves but only 1 side of the gloves contains the plastic claw while the other one is the basic glove edition)


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Package includes  : 1x Heavy-Duty Claw Gloves
Material                  : Rubber, Polyester, Latex & ABS Plastic
Dimension              : 10.1 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches
Weight                    : 294 grams