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Hot Vibrating Razor Split Ends

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This is a unique hair accessory that lets you trim your own hair at home! It uses the most common blades in cutting and styling hair. They’re even replaceable and works with a push of a button. The innovative design is a breakthrough in the world of hair cutting technology.

It has three uses: for regular haircut, for ironing hair, or for styling hair. The random switching feature works with a simple click of a button.

It is also lightweight and portable letting you work on hair anytime, anywhere. It’s also safe as compared to regular blades. Its automated design keeps you from cutting yourself. It even ensures comfort and convenience.

Powered by a 3-meter power cord, the Hot Vibrating Razor Split Ends allow you to style hair without restrictions. It’s perfect to use by hairdressers who don’t have to move from one spot to the other while styling hair.

Technical specs about the Hot Vibrating Razor Split Ends:

  • Model No.: L-538
  • AC: 100-240V
  • DC: 12V
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Color: Silver
  • Temperature: Heats up to 120 degrees Celsius after 60 seconds
  • Two working modes: Hot / Vibro Hot


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Product includes          : 1x Ultrasonic Hot Razor

                                       2x Blades

                                       1x Hair Styling Comb

                                       1x Instruction Book

Package Weight          : 0.65 kg (1.43 lb.)

Package size               : 30 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm (11.81 in x 5.91 in x 3.94 in)


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