Ice-Cream Washing Towel (3pcs)

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Best creative items to be given to friends & families as gift!

Looking for something unique to keep or even be given as baby shower gift? Perhaps you can consider our Ice-Cream Washing Towel then. These designs are a big hit amongst kids and it encourage them to practice hygiene skills from there.

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Product feature about the Ice-Cream Washing Towel:

  • Excellent facial Towel – A square 20cm x 20cm towel for convenience.

  • Colorful – Comes in different color with each purchase, be surprised!

  • Ice-Cream shaped – Kids & adults alike love them (& may try to eat it!)

  • 100% Cotton – Product is made of cotton.

  • Best Gift Ever – Perfect to be given as gift for bridal/baby shower.


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Package includes    : 1x Ice-Cream Washing Towel
Color                        : Randomly picked   
Material                    : Cotton
Dimension                : 20cm x 20cm