Inflatable Air Travel Pillow

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Experience the most comfortable travelling experience ever!

Do you have a hard time resting in airplanes, buses or anywhere that is not your home? Then it means you are not having the right pillow for a comfy resting experience. The Inflatable Air Travel Pillow makes sure it feels like you have never left your home pillow wherever you go!

Product feature about the Inflatable Air Travel Pillow:

  • 4 Sleep Mode – For ways to adjust our travel pillow to accommodate your sleep style.

  • Highly Expandable – Have enough space for your head and arms to curl in & sleep.

  • Self-Adjustable – Control how big or small the pillow by adding/releasing air from tube.

  • Flocking PVC – Made of extremely soft and material to stimulate rest & relax.

  • Extremely Compact – Once deflated can be as small as 12cm x 18cm x 35cm.


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Package includes     : 1x Inflatable Air Travel Pillow
Color                         : Gray/Dark Blue/Coffee/Black/Purple
Material                     : Flocking PVC
Dimension inflated    : 30cm x 55cm x 35cm
Dimension deflated   : 12cm x 18cm x 35cm