Instant-Roll Fur-Removing Brush

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Every pet owner knows one common struggle all too well: pet fur getting everywhere. We love our furbabies to the moon and back but they shed a lot, and it affects your health and appearance. Fret no more, because the Instant-Roll Fur-Removing Brush takes care of all fur for you!

Features and benefits:

  • Designed for efficiency. Working with the law of static, it features two sides that you can rotate, making it peak convenient for usage with both hands. 
  • Flexible. Fur isn't the only thing it swipes away. Thanks to a dynamic, powerful design, it also attracts dust, lint, and other unsightly debris. 
  • Clean anything! Use it to make clothing, bedding, furniture, curtains, car seats, etc. spotless and like new! Nothing is more satisfying than removing a layer of fur, dust, and other debris to uncover the original surface beneath.


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) Instant-Roll Fur-Removing Brush
    Material: ABS Plastic
    Size: 24cm*6cm/10.24”x2.36”
    Color: White