RGB LED Rainbow Shower Head

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Take the rainbow-colored shower that you have always dreamed of!

To all shower enthusiasts out there, we have a treat for you today with our RGB LED Rainbow Shower Head! Made to display 3 color modes (red, green & blue) along the water, it’s time for you to turn off your bathroom lights & appreciate the luxurious rainbow waterfall coming out of your shower head. You can almost feel as if you are in tropical rainforest or a paradise oasis. The shower head also comes with anion ceramic balls to remove chlorine while releasing negative electrons to counterbalance the excessive positive electrons in the shower head.

Key highlights of the RGB LED Rainbow Shower Head:

  • 99% compatibility with your existing showerhead in your bathroom! Just take out the old 2cm showerhead & tighten back in with our new one & you are good to go! Anyone can do it, NO hardware or specialization required!

  • NO BATTERIES required for this product as the water pressure going through the shower head will generate power for the LED. (Take note the water does not actually change color, it’s just LED lighting that projects out the water color effect)

  • The LED light changes according to your water temperature (green for cold, blue for warm, red for hot)

  • Built-in chlorine + anion ceramic balls filter to purify your unfiltered water for a more hygienic cleaning.

  • Product is made of durable ABS plastic material, excellent to resist corrosion.


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Package includes  : 1x RGB LED Rainbow Shower Head (Hose not included)
Material                  : ABS plastic
Size                        : 65mm shower head, 220 mm long