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Kitchen Splash Guard

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Are you tired of water splashes or oil splatters while washing the dishes or cooking? Then this Kitchen Splash Guard will save you from the hassle! Installing this splash guard on your sink or countertop will make sure that the water stays in the sink and the oil stays in the pan.  It will not only keep your cloth and kitchen clean, but it will also minimize the danger of slipping on unseen wet floors.

Features and benefits:

  • No more water splashes/oil splatters. With a simple and elegant design, this Kitchen Splash Guard looks great in your kitchen while blocking water and oil splatter from getting on you, your clothes, your kitchen countertops, curtains, walls, and floor. It’s just the right height to block all the splashes/splatters, but not too tall so it's still comfortable to reach over for dishes in the sink or for food on the pot/pan.
  • Top quality material. Crafted from a durable plastic construction, it’s waterproof and heat- resistant at the same time.  It will not succumb to rust, decay, and tear even on daily use.
  • Easy installation. No tools or complicated setup required. It has two built-in suction cups at the bottom that will make this splash guard easy to install on your sink or countertops.
  • Great gift idea. Know a chef or mom who has trouble keeping their clothes and kitchen clean from water splashes and oil splatter? The Kitchen Splash Guard will be the best gift to give to them.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Kitchen Splash Guard
Material: Plastic
Size: 28 x 24 cm/ 11.02 x 9.44 inches
Color: White