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LED Solar Outdoor Light

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Outdoor lighting not only enhances your home aesthetically, but it's also important in keeping your home safe. Thankfully, good outdoor lighting doesn't have to be expensive; LED Solar Outdoor Lights are solar-powered and designed to not put a dent in your electricity bills. They're easy to install and a handy in emergencies.

Features and benefits:

  • Solar-powered. In contrast to traditional outdoor lights that inflate electricity bills, the solar panel on top gives these lights all the energy they need from direct sunlight.
  • Motion-sensing. No need to grope around in the dark for the switch- the motion sensors are triggered by movement within a range of 1-3 meters, in a 120-degree sensing angle.
  • Long-lastingEach one is completely waterproof and forged out of superior aluminum, making it an enduring part of any patios, yards, driveways, gardens, etc. in need of outdoor lighting.
  • 2 modes. The Dim Night mode saves power by keeping the lights dim, even with no motion detected. The Bright Light mode is activated when it detects movement around 2 meters nearby.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Double-layered Heart Cup
Condition: 100% brand new
Material: Aluminum
Power source: Solar
Light color: Natural White
Total LED: 16
Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Package Weight: About 0.2 kg

Note: Expansion pillar-hinges and screws for mounting are included. Please use the provided key pin to activate the On/Off socket and unlock the battery/lighting system.

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