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Magnetic Adsorption Case for Iphone

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This is a unique smartphone protector that works best with the latest iPhone units. It’s one of a kind due to its magnetic feature. You don’t need screws to secure cell phones from irreparable damage. It attaches and detaches easily without damaging the phone’s frame. Your iPhone would never need repairs if you have this!

Technical specs about the Magnetic Adsorption Case for iPhone:

  • Unique and Intelligent. It has an anti-shock and dirt-resistant feature. Even if you drop the unit, it does not create dents. Thanks to its metal bumper and 9H back tempered glass, the phone is secured from the inside out.
  • Fast and Reliable. It only takes 1 second to install it to your phone. It opens from left to right or upward to downward. The snug fit ensures that the unit is secured from shock damage. The strong suction force does not detach easily too. It’s the best protection your phone will ever need.
  • Thin, Sleek, and Fashionable. It’s designed to warp into the unit’s body as if it wasn’t there. It has a perfect fit without sacrificing a sleek feel and design. It also has a charging hole and does not block Wi-Fi or mobile data signal. Best of all, the design has a business feel to it. The camera protection is carved to perfection and does not mitigate the quality of your phone.

Installation Method:

  1. Open the case
  2. Lay the back portion on a flat surface.
  3. Fit the phone with the back cover first before putting the other piece right on top.
  4. Fit the magnets towards each other.

Warning: The front cover does not have a tempered glass, only a frame. The back comes with the tempered glass.

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  • Compatible iPhone Models: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
  • Function: Anti-Shock, Dirt Resistant
  • Compatible brand: Apple iPhones only
  • Features: Magnetic adsorption metal glass phone case
  • Materials: Metal Bumper + Back Tempered Glass
  • Design: Glossy, Business, Plain, Metallic, Transparent, Exotic
  • Type: Fitted Case

Product includes          : 1x piece

Package Weight          : 0.1 kg (0.22 lb.)

Package size               : 20 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm (7.87 in x 5.91 in x 1.97 in)

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