Mannequin Body Figures

Female Gray
Male Gray
Male Solid Black
Female Solid Black
Male Pale Orange
Female Pale Orange
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Recreate any epic movie/game pose with our fully adjustable figurines.

To all the aspiring artist & action figure collector out there, if you are still looking for the perfect mannequin out there that can be re-positioned to your exact liking, then your quest ends here. Our Mannequin Body Figures are exactly what you need, and we have male & female editions (sold separately) that is made to resemble human proportion counterparts so you can get your artwork & illustrations as accurate as possible.

Product feature about the Mannequin Body Figures:

  • Product comes as either male or female model with 3 different color choices ranging from solid black, grey or pale orange. (Do make your selection before purchasing)

  • The mannequin comes with 17 different hand poses (10 right hand poses & 7 left hand poses) and has 8 accessories for your figurine to hold and pose however you want them to.

  • Figure comes with more than 30 articulation points with limits similar to human posture to avoid any unnatural poses.

  • The base works as a holder for the mannequin and also as a container to store all the extra hand poses and accessories for you.


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Package includes         : 1x Mannequin Body Figures
Color                             : Solid Black, Gray or Pale Orange
Material                         : ABS & PVC
Dimension                     : Around 15cm height