Microwavable Silicone Folding Bowl

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Steam, roast, and bake a variety of food with the use of the Microwavable Silicone Folding Bowl. It's a multifunctional kitchen accessory that can be used in the microwave, oven, and stove to cook a multitude of meals from meat and fish to vegetables and bread. It streamlines both food prep and cleanup, leaving you more time to enjoy meals with family and friends.

Features and benefits:

  • Safe to use. Made of high-quality, BPA-free food grade silicone that’s safe for your food and kitchen. Durable and flexible, it can withstand high temperatures of up to 428ºF (220ºC).
  • Versatile. Easily fit in pots and pans of different sizes and can be used to cook food in the microwave, oven, or stove.
  • Multipurpose.  You can use it to steam vegetables, fish, and eggs, and roast meats like chicken and pork. You can even use it to bake desserts such as bread and puddings. It functions as a bowl too. Unfold it and you have a bowl where you can serve salad or rice.  Or rolled it on one end and it becomes a funnel to collect cooking juices for a sauce or a gravy.
  • Easy-fold design.  Has an easy-fold design that allows steam to circulate inside, allowing you to cook a tasty dish you can serve right from the pod. 
  • Better than foil or parchment paper. It replaces foil or parchment paper for moist heat cooking and gives a much flavorful result. It preserves all vitamins and provides every type of food with a tasteful texture.
  • Easy to clean. Non-stick and stain-and-odor resistant, it takes a minute or less to clean this kitchen tool. Just wipe it with a wet cloth and put under running water or place in your dishwasher to clean it completely.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Microwavable Silicone Folding Bowl
Material: Silicone
Size: 9.9 x 12.6 x 0.9 cm/7.83 x 4.96 x 0.35 inches
Color: Green