Mighty Shopping Bag

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Carrying all your groceries in one bag/trip is no longer a challenge!

We all love to shop wherever we are, there’s just no stopping us! But don’t you hate it when you need to use those flimsy plastic bags they give you when they pack your items? It’s not environmental friendly, the items in the bag spill out easily when you put them in your car & you can’t carry a lot because it tears easily. So, what do you do? You can get our Might Shopping Bag and help save the environment at the same time! Perfect to be used in stores that does not provide you any shopping bags, you can also easily use this reusable ultra-durable bag to store & carry things with you.

Awesome product feature about the Mighty Shopping Bag:

  • Product comes with clip on both side of the bag to latch on to your shopping cart so you can put your items in the bag immediately after buying them.

  • The bag can be easily folded & then stored in your car’s glove box or the side of your seat.

  • The front of the bag comes with front pockets to hold your shopping list, money, smartphones or even your shopping coupons.

  • Need to clean the bag? Just wipe it with a damp cloth. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly & mold resistant bag.

  • Product can store up to 40lbs or 18kg of items in it & comes with sticky back Velcro tape to prevent items from spilling out.


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Package includes  : 1x Mighty Shopping Bag
Material                  : Cloth
Color                      : Green
Dimension              : 36cm x 25cm / 14.2inch x 10inch