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Mini Digital USB Microscope

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Do you have a young, budding scientist in the family with an interest in magnification? Or are you a professional researcher or teacher looking for a tool to enhance your trade? Then the Mini Digital USB Microscope is perfect for you.  This microscope connects to your computer and lets you see the world in close proximity via your computer or laptop screen. It’s an enjoyable, educational device that’s perfect for teens and grownups alike.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to use. It’s compatible with laptops/computers running Windows XP, 7,8 and Vista OS. Simply connect it to your computer/laptop via USB 2.0 port and install the included CD software. The microscope will operate like a standard camera.
  • Convenient. Rather than looking through an eyepiece, the image scrutinized by the microscope is projected onto your computer screen. Plus, it lets you capture screenshot and record video of the micro world. It has all the benefits of a conventional microscope with the flexibility and convenience of digital technology.
  • Built-in zoom, camera, & 8 LED lights. Clicking the snap button allows the microscope to snap decent photos of whatever is under scrutiny and rolling the wheel at the front allows it to magnify objects up to 1000 times. It’s also equipped with 8 LED lights (dimmable) that has brightness adjustment control to improve the appearance of the object being magnified.
  • Multipurpose. This microscope is a fun way for kids to explore the microscopic world. They can use it for classroom exploration, plant dissection and examination, insect study, and stamp or coin analysis.  It’s also great to use for micro-soldering, scientific research, biological research, engineering inspection, skin inspection, hair root inspection, textile inspection, biological observation, and gem identification.
  • Wonderful gift. This digital microscope makes a  great gift for kids, young students, hobbyists, engineers, inventors, researchers, medical technicians, scientist, and others who need to magnify and explore micro things. They can all benefit from the many advantages that this digital instrument provides.


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Product Specification:
Package includes:
1 x Mini Digital USB Microscope
1 x Plastic Stand
1 x CD Software
Material: Plastic + LED
Microscope size: 135 x 33 mm/ 5.31 x 1.30 inches
Wire diameter: 137 mm/ 5.39 inches
Color: Black
No. of LED: 8
Magnification ratio: 40x - 1000x
Video resolution: 640 x 480
Video format: AVI
Snapshot format: JPEG/BMP

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