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Mom & Dad Kangaroo Shirt Carrier

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Say Goodbye To The Hassles Of Putting On A Carrier! 

You can now bond with your baby whenever you like without having to go through the hassle of putting on a baby carrier! This Mom & Dad Kangaroo Shirt Carrier is a wearable and fashionable top that has a built-in baby carrier to free your hands and help you multitask. 
This Mom & Dad Kangaroo Shirt Carrier can be worn in any season. It’s made of breathable fabric with a fashionable design which makes this tank top an easy "go-to" top for summer and works well with all the layering for spring, fall, and even winter. 

PROMOTES ACTIVE BONDING: No carrier or wrap can compare to the bonding experience this top can provide for you and your baby. 



STYLISH & ERGONOMIC: Each shirt is made to fit comfortably, to feel lightweight and to make you look great at home or even outdoors. 

MATERIAL: Made with 71-80% cotton from the best domestic and imported fabrics. Our premium fabric is custom-milled to be soft, secure and wrinkle-free. This guarantees no bad effects for your skin and your baby’s skin. 

This Mom & Dad Kangaroo Shirt Carrier can also become part of your everyday wardrobe because it helps in assisting you with its easy-to-use nursing bra. It features two fabric layers for extra coverage and a soft elastic band for additional support. The shirt covers your stomach while nursing. 
Thanks to the secure yet expandable pouch which creates an intimate swaddle for Mom & Dad right away when you need to! Now, you can easily comfort your newborn baby!  
The newborn's legs should be in an M-like position to always stay supported from knee to knee, with knees higher than their bum. The arms should also be inside the pouch but as the baby gains neck control you can put the arms out. 
Material: 71-80% Cotton 
Size: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 
Type: For Mom & For Dad 
Package Inclusions: 1x Mom & Dad Kangaroo Shirt Carrier