Universal Socket Wrench

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The jack of all trades, masters for every socket you will ever need!

Every one of us will have that one toolbox stored at home, crammed up with different types of wrenches & spanners in case if it is incompatible with your current project that you are working on. Why bother paying so much for different adapters & wasting all the precious space when the Universal Socket Wrench can do it all? You name it, our wrench will work in any all sizes & shapes, even shapes that we have never seen before!

The secret formula behind Universal Socket Wrench’s mechanics:

  • Product comes in 5 different colors with chrome finishing (Black, Blue, Gold, Red & Silver).

  • Products inner part is made of adjustable steel rods that follows the shape of your nuts & bolts even if they have rusted, broken or deformed.

  • Product works great on all metric, standard, wing nuts, broken nuts, stripped nuts, eye bolts, square nuts, hexes & more as long as it’s within 1/4" to 3/4" or 7-19 mm.

  • The universal wrench comes with a power drill adapter for you to attach it to your existing power tools so you don’t even need manpower to fix things!

  • Product is compact, small & portable enough to be carried along with you wherever you are, excellent for household maintenance, automotive, manufacturing & hardware industries.


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Package includes  : 1x Universal Socket Wrench + 1x Power drill adapter
Material                  : Steel
Color                      : Back, Blue, Gold, Red or Silver
Using range           : 7-19mm on any types of nuts & bolts
Dimension              : Around 53mm x 25mm
Weight                    : 166 grams