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Multipurpose Silicone Scrubber Gloves

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Clean just about anything under the sun with the Multipurpose Silicone Scrubber Gloves. A must-have in any home's cleaning arsenal, the scrubbing surfaces of these gloves let you clean quickly, easily, and with versatility! 

Features and benefits:

  • Clean anything, scrub anything. Each glove features a silicone scrubbing surface, making these great for scrubbing and cleaning just about anything: fruits, veggies, dishes, appliances, car washing, furniture, and even pets.
  • Heat protection. Designed to withstand high temperatures of 160°C, you can use these to take hot pots and pans out of the oven and handle them with ease. 
  • Easy disinfection. Simply disinfect with boiling water or pop it into the microwave with hot water for about 2 minutes. They're as good as new!


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    Product Specification:
    Package includes: (1) pair Multipurpose Silicone Scrubber Gloves OR (1) right piece Multipurpose Silicone Scrubber Gloves
    Condition: 100% brand new
    Material: Silicone
    Size: 34.5*15.5 cm
    Package: Opp