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Night Vision Polarized Sunglasses

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Improve your nighttime vision with the Night Vision Polarized Sunglasses. It’s a sunglass that drastically reduces glare by blocking reflections for better visibility which is very beneficial for night activities especially night driving.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent night vision. Wearing this at night will allow you to see clearly all the details as it enhances the appearance of white lines, signs, and road markings and makes every colors and object clearer for a better view.
  • 100% polarized yellow lenses. The polarized lenses weaken glares coming from the headlamps of other vehicles as well as other reflective surfaces by filtering the extremely bright lights that come from various angles.
  • Versatile. It’s not only useful at night time but also with activities in direct sunlight like cycling, running, hiking, fishing, skiing, climbing, motorcycling, etc.
  • Top quality materials. Made of military grade materials. The flexible arms are made of superelastic memory plastic, aluminum, and magnesium material which makes it possible to perfectly fit onto different faces thus, a "one size fits most" eyewear.
  • Comfortable wear. It’s designed to sit firmly on your face without causing any inconvenience of any form. It's safe to the eye and doesn't cause eye fatigue or eye ache like other substandard brands.
  • Comes with box, pouch, and neck strap. The perfect companion for your sunglasses so you can easily store or access them wherever you go. This also makes a perfect gift idea for friends and loved ones.


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Product Specification:
Package includes: (1) Night Vision Polarized Sunglasses
Material: Plastic
Color: Black + Yellow
Lens width: 58mm/ 2.24 inches
Lens height: 45mm/ 1.93 inches
Bridge: 16mm/ 0.63 inches
Arm: 146.05mm/ 5.75 inches