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Orthopedic Bunion Protector

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Do your bunion hurt so bad it makes walking or even putting shoes on painful and difficult? Do you want to ease the pain but without undergoing surgery? This pair of Orthopedic Bunion Protector is the solution. These are silicone inserts that realign your toes to help reduce pain and keep your bunion from worsening.

Features and benefits:

  • Help ease the pain. When you wear these silicone inserts, they separate and stretch your toes to prevent overcrowding. This, in turn, straighten your big toes and alleviate the pain and pressure caused by bunions. They also help your feet regain their natural shape.
  • Easy to use. Simply slip them onto your toes and adjust so they fit perfectly and comfortably. Made of soft, medical grade silicones, they won’t hurt your feet and can be worn with your favorite pair of shoes.
  • Affordable, non-surgical treatment. They allow you to treat/ease bunion pain at the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Saves you from expensive surgery too.
  • Makes life easier and pain-free.  They allow you to enjoy life again by taking your worries off about bunion pain when walking or wearing shoes. They’re a perfect gift to share to women who also suffer from bunion, hammer toes and other toe problems.


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Product Specifications:
Package includes: (1) pair of Orthopedic Bunion Protector
Material: Silicone
Size: approx. 10 x 4cm/ 3.93 x 1.57 inches
Color: White


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