Pastry Icing Pen Dispenser

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Bake your pastries with style & let us handle the decorating for you

We love baking and making pastries but it is so hard to decorate them because we can’t control our strength in releasing the icing. This ends up creating an uneven design and ruin the entire cake at times. With the help of the Pastry Icing Pen Dispenser you can even draw complex designs on your pastries with ease. Need to write something out directly from our Icing Pen? Go ahead and dispense them out professionally with absolute control from your own hand movement!

What makes the Pastry Icing Pen Dispenser interesting?

  • Product comes as blue color & is made of safe non-toxic plastic, highly reusable plus non-stick to ensure your icing is safe for eating.

  • The dispenser come with 2 different icing bag and 2 nozzles (with converter) for different decoration purpose. Dispense your icing based on how you want them to be.

  • Product is dishwasher, microwave & oven safe. Could also be placed in freezer as well.

  • Product is easy to use & clean. Just point the dispenser on where you want your icing to be and press the trigger.

(Note: You may need to have a few trial & errors before getting used to our dispenser.)


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Package includes      : 1x Pastry Icing Pen Dispenser, x2 bags & 2x Nozzles
Color                          : Blue
Material                      : Durable & Safe Plastic
Dimension                  : 15.6cm x 4cm