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Pet De-Shedding Grooming Massage Glove Brush

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The ultimate solution to lessen your pet’s fur shedding at home

We all love our pets dearly but most of us hate to clean-up the mess from their fur shedding every day. While it impossible to completely eliminate this issue (unless your pet is hairless), the Pet De-shedding Grooming Glove Brush does an excellent job in reducing a significant amount of hair your pets are shedding daily. Just put on the glove and start petting/grooming/brushing their excess fur away and remove the loose hair trapped under the gloves. No longer do you need to endure the shedding mess or use painful brushes, comb to groom them anymore, plus your pets will love you more for this!

Key features of the Pet De-shedding Grooming Glove Brush:

  • The glove base (palm area) are covered with hundreds of silicone grooming tips, much more painless compared to metal bristle.
  • The glove is made to fit all types hands, just adjust the velcro strap based on your size preference.
  • Comfortable & flexible design to reach places where furs are hard to get. (tails, chest & hind legs)
  • Designed to feel exactly like human touch so pets are not afraid of the glove texture.
  • Usable on all cat/dog breed without any side-effect. (Also works on horse)

(Professional tip: Regular grooming/massage/brushing your pets improves their skin for a healthy & shiny coating on their fur)

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Material                 : Silicone Rubber
Color                     : Blue, Pink
Width                     : 15.5cm/6.10”
Length                   : 23cm/9.06”
Package includes : 1x De-shedding Glove / 2x De-shedding Glove (One Pair)